Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sounds from Space

Who would've thought that spacecraft can hear what is going on in a planet's atmosphere? Some years ago the Voyager spacecraft passed by Jupiter and recorded using special instruments the electromagnetic vibrations emitted by the largest planet in our solar system, which were converted into sound waves (as sound, despite not being audible in a vacuum like space, can still be detected). The results are staggering - it sounds so out of this world yet somehow familiar to us...

Not only Jupiter has been recorded, but Saturn, Saturn's Rings, Miranda, Uranus, Ring's of Uranus, Neptune, Io and Earth have also been recorded, and their full 30 min tracks can be found on the album 'NASA Voyager Space Sounds'...probably one of the only albums ever published by NASA!

Oh well, that's enough of me ranting about the solar system and next time I promise I'll post something more musical!

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