Friday, 17 December 2010

Experimental Pieces Explained

Not many people seem to be getting the point of my experimental pieces. They're not designed to sound beautiful, but they're just experimenting with the features of Finale, and therefore probably don't come out sounding too pleasant.

The first experimental piece deals with the glissando tool on Finale. After a short introduction made out of C major chords, I wanted to find out what fast, MIDI glissandos sounded like on a piano. The result: something between a laser beam and Beethoven's hell. Of course, it sounds awful, but I hope that people can see my aim in this piece and that I wanted to introduce incredibly fast glissandos to the ears of curious Youtubers, not create a romantic piece.

The other experimental pieces follow in a similar way, each time looking at different musical effects, including: pedal effects, block clusters of notes, fast scales and arpeggios, dissonance/improvisational jazz and octave chromatics with seemingly random notes playing in the background.

Please view my experimental pieces and comment! Below you can find my first experimental piece:

Oh yeah, and please don't laugh! :)

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